Nightmare On Elm Street Retrospective

We’re taking a week off to recharge our batteries and get some sleep…so let the nightmares begin on January 4th! That’s right, the Nightmare on Elm Street Retrospective finally kicks off as our buddy and NOES enthusiast, Blake Best, joins the show to help talk about the movies along with his unique perspective as he is a true “Fred Head”.

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Much more to be announced but guest list is as follows, to date:

January 4th-Jsu Garcia, listen here:


January 11th-TBA

January 18th-Our Monthly Serial Killer Episode

January 25th-Ira Heiden, Rodney Eastman

February 1st-Rodney Eastman, Ken Sagoes, Danny Hassel, Steve Johnson

February 8th-Danny Hassel

February 15th-Our Monthly Serial Killer Episode

February 22nd-Ricky Dean Logan, Andy Mangels

February 29th-TBA

More information to come!


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