Show Archives-2014

Episode 1-September 1st, 2014: The Top 10 Summer Horror Movies

Episode 2-September 8th, 2014: The Burning

Episode 3-September 15th, 2014: John Carpenter’s Halloween

Episode 4-September 22nd, 2014: Halloween II

Episode 5-September 29th, 2014: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Episode 6-October 6th, 2014: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers & Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Episode 7-October 20th, 2014: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Episode 8-October 27th, 2014: Halloween H20 and Halloween: Resurrection

 Episode 9-November 3rd, 2014: Dog Soldiers

Episode 10-November 10th, 2014: Antisocial

Episode 11-You’re Next w/ Zodiak 11/17/14

Episode 12-Mockingbird 11/24/14

Episode 13-The Thing (1951) 12/1/14

Episode 14-The Thing 12/8/14

Episode 15-The Thing (prequel) 12/15/14

Episode 16-Author William Pattison 12/22/14

YouTube shows:

Episode 1: MANIAC (remake)
This was the very first edition of Travis and Vic’s Drunken Adventures and it’s a wild one… 4loko was running rampant!

Episode 2: Days of the Dead Horror Convention (Indianapolis)

Episode 3: Top 13 Slashers

Episode 4: Evil Dead (2013)

Episode 5: The Conjuring

Episode 6:

Episode 6: V/H/S

Episode 7: Three on a Meathook

Episode 8: SHARKNADO

Episode 9: Friday the 13th

Episode 10: Friday then13th Part 2

Episode 11: Friday the 13th Part 3

Episode 12: Top 5 Movies to watch for Halloween

Lost Episode #1

Lost Episode #2

Halloween Party 2014


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