Serial Killers, Real Life Monsters, and Murderers (Archives)

Caril Ann Fugate (Pro Bono: The 18 Year Defense of Caril Ann Fugate):

Dahmer’s Confession:

Kentucky Bloodbath:

The Great Chicago Fire:

The Gainesville Ripper:

Son of Sam:

Starved Rock Murders Revisited:

Starved Rock Murders:

Chris Benoit:

“The Toolbox Killers” Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris:

“Facebook Killer” Steve Stephens and former Patriot, Aaron Hernandez: or

The Jonestown Massacre (The Story of Jim Jones and his followers):

Charles Manson:

The Bundy Secrets:

Edmund Kemper:

Lizzie Borden:

Richard Ramirez:

Memorial Day Massacre:

The Trail of Ted Bundy: or

Albert Fish: or

The Year They Cancelled St. Patrick’s Day:

Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre: or

Gary Ridgway:

Lawson Family Murder:

Jeffrey Dahmer: or

Elizabeth Bathory: or

Ronald Dominique: or

Ted Bundy: or

Ed Gein:

John Wayne Gacy:

Carl Panzram:

Robert Hansen:

Zodiac Killer:

H.H. Holmes:

YouTube Special

Top 5 Serial Killers:

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