Monday, January 18, 2016-Gary Ridgway #GreenRiverKiller

Link to listen:

Our Serial Killer Series returns on Monday, January 18th at 9 PM Eastern as we talk about the most prolific serial killer (to our knowledge) in United States history. His name is Gary Ridgway.

His crimes may not be the most notorious that you’ve ever heard of, but you HAVE heard of him and on Monday night, we introduce you to the monster. “The Green River Killer” is the topic of conversation as we talk about the real life horror that took place in the Northwest for 21 years.

Phone lines will be open for this one so feel free to join us by calling 724-444-7444, hitting Call ID 140326 (pound #) and then 1 (pound #) to get on the air LIVE. DO NOT MISS OUR HUGE JANUARY MAIN EVENT!


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